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Your Summer Edition of My Massanutten is Here!

In this issue of My Massanutten, check out our Top Vacation Ideas to create a summer of adventure at The Nutt®! Get reacquainted with Theo, the original Massanutten Mascot, and meet three of his friends who will be joining him in the all-new Resort Mascot Academy. Make sure to check out the improvements made to the Resort App, which allows you to navigate from check-in to your condo, manage your Massanutten Rewards, personalize your itinerary, and much more.
View the new My Massanutten - Summer 2021 Edition below!

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Please note: Owner association budgets along with your maintenance/assessment fee schedule, in-person first booking dates, how to book, and points info are now posted behind the login page on the owners portal. To view this info, please log into your owners account and then click on the My Massanutten - Fall Edition link in the box on the right.

To Register Your Account: You will need your Owner ID Number in order to register your account. This is located on the top of your invoice. When you create your password use at least one capital letter, one number, and one symbol (for example % or #). If you have any questions while on the Owners Portal, feel free to use the Live Chat feature.

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