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New Process For Owner Ticket Access

Scam Warning! Please beware of unscrupulous companies who are contacting timeshare owners and promising to transfer ownership of their timeshare, especially if they request up front fees for services. There is an industry resource available to owners that tracks all of the latest news regarding these unscrupulous companies. Please visit ARDA ROC (American Resort Developers Association – Resort Owners’ Coalition) HERE for more information.

Scammers constantly evolve their tactics to try to take advantage of owners.  For example, one sharp owner recently checked with us about an email she received saying someone wanted to buy her timeshare, but she would need to wire funds to complete the transfer. THIS IS A RED FLAG. Please email or call the Owners Association at ownersassoc@massresort.com or 540.289.4904 if you have questions.

By sharing these experiences, our owners help each other avoid getting scammed. Thank you!


Industry News:
FTC, Wisconsin Attorney General Take Action Against Timeshare Exit Scammers for Cheating Consumers Out of $90 Million – November 22,2022

The US Department of Justice, on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission, and the Wisconsin Attorney General filed suit against Consumer Law Protection and related companies for scamming consumers for timeshare exit services they didn’t deliver. Read the full press release here.

Washington State Attorney General: Reed Hein (Timeshare Exit Team) to pay $2.61 million to resolve timeshare exit scheme lawsuit. Please click here for the full article.

FTC Sending Refund Checks for Nearly $2.7 Million to Consumers Defrauded in Timeshare Resale Scheme. Click here for the full report.

Recent Scam Development | August 2021
We continue to be made aware of scam companies contacting owners promising to sell and/or transfer ownership of their timeshare. Several of these companies even use Massanutten logos in an attempt to appear legitimate. If you receive unsolicited contact by a company claiming to sell or transfer your ownership, it is likely a scam. Please email or call the Owners Association at ownersassoc@massresort.com or 540.289.4904 if you have questions.

Below are two recent examples. In the first example, the company fraudulently uses Massanutten’s logo. In the second example, the company fraudulently uses the American Resort Development Association’s logo to appear to have support of ARDA.
Transfer Scam with Wire Transfer Request
Resale Contract Scam

Recent Scam Development | February 2021
We have been informed that owners are receiving calls from scam companies that falsely claim to work for the resort, RCI, and even ARDA, the American Resort Developers Association. Their aim is to set up a meeting with you at a location not on resort property to discuss your ownership, usually under the premise of you not being able to use your timeshare due to COVID-19 with an offer to waive your maintenance fees and/or getting rid of your timeshare. PLEASE BE AWARE OF ANY MEETING THAT DOES NOT TAKE PLACE AT THE RESORT. The resort does not schedule meetings anywhere other than on resort property.

Caller ID Spoofing | July 2017
Scammers are using a phone app that makes an incoming phone call appear – on Caller ID – to be coming from Great Eastern Resort, but it is not. If in doubt, please call or email the Owners Association using contact information found on the Ownership Contact Info tab to the left.

Example of recent scam below!
We have seen a variety of new attempts by nefarious companies to solicit our owners. The links below provide examples of companies who are offering to transfer a property out of your name to another party who is interested in ownership, they offer to rent out your RCI bonus weeks for profit, indicate there is a special assessment on your property, or ask you to attend an owners meeting at a location other than in a public meeting room at Massanutten. These companies are on occasion even using Massanutten logoed letterhead to attempt to convince you that they are legitimate. If you receive any suspicious invitation it is likely a scam. Please feel free to call your Owners Association directly at 540.289.4904 if you have questions.

Owner Transfer Scam
Special Assessment Scam

Marketing Scam
Trade-in Your Timeshare Scam

Exit Scams During Coronavirus Pandemic

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