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Please use this form to request a deposit of your time for 2024. This form must be received by the Reservations Department no later than 30 days before the start date of your week. Forms received after the deadline will not be honored. We cannot complete this request until your maintenance fee is paid for this year. You can pay maintenance fees by calling 540.289.4904 option 1 or go online at owners.massresort.com.

Remember that we cannot transfer time to a cancelled RCI account, so be sure to keep your RCI membership current. You may contact RCI at 800.743.3315. We can only deposit your  weeks into a RCI Weeks account.

Please review the invoice statement enclosed with this form for your account number (Association ID number).

If your Account ID number begins with MEID, MEIL, MOID, MOIL, MLF, or MELP you are entitled to one 2-bedroom unit (Option 3).

If your Account ID number begins with MOIC or MEIC you are entitled to one 1-bedroom unit (Option 3).

If your Account ID number begins with ML, MEL, MD, or MED you are entitled to two 2-bedroom or one 4-bedroom.

If your Account ID number begins with M3C, MC, or MEC you are entitled to one 2-bedroom or two 1-bedroom.

This form accomplishes the banking of your ownership (or deeded) week(s) only. Extra Vacation weeks (also known as Bonus weeks) must be activated by you directly with RCI at 800.743.3315.

*If selecting option 4 or 5 above, please fill in.

Once the condo(s) has been transferred to my RCI account, I understand that RCI will confirm that in writing with a Deposit Acknowledgement. I understand if there is a problem with this request, will notify me in writing. If I do not receive any correspondence from either RCI or within 3 weeks, I agree that it will be my responsibility to contact the Reservations Department at 540.289.4904 option 2 or via email at reservations@massresort.com

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