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New Process For Owner Ticket Access


Change of Address - Owners can e-mail us the current information or simply log into your owners’ website to update address, email, and or phone numbers. The update will update your account. If you have any questions, email ownersassoc@massresort.com.

Name Change - Changes of name due to marriage, divorce, name change order - please provide us with a copy of the legal document showing the name change. For example, if you have married, please send us a copy of your marriage license. If you have divorced, please send us a copy of divorce decree showing the name change. If you have legally changed your name, please send us a copy of your name change order to Massanutten Owners Association at P.O. Box 77, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.

Change of Ownership - Please provide us with a copy of your recorded deed (recorded in the Rockingham County Clerk's Office in Harrisonburg, Virginia, showing the change in ownership along with the appropriate transfer fee. If you need assistance with the transfer of your property - whether selling your property, adding someone to the ownership, or removing someone from the ownership - please contact: June Davis, Clark and Bradshaw, P.C. by email at jdavis@clark-bradshaw.com or call 540.433.2601. The names on the ownership can only be changed with a new recorded deed. If the deed does not contain all of the appropriate information, the owners’ association will reject the deed and cannot change the ownership records.
Massanutten Gold Card Owners - You must have purchased your timeshare from Massanutten to get a Gold Card and receive the benefits and discounts of a Gold Card Owner. Show your current Gold Card photo ID card to receive Owner benefits, discounts, and to access the Woodstone and Massanutten Fitness & Rec Club recreation areas year-round. By requiring Gold Card Owners to have and to show ID, Massanutten protects the investment you have in your vacation experience.

Gold Card Holders are eligible for a new card every five years at no cost. Any cards within a five-year time-period would have a fee. During each five-year period, you may update your cards with a current year sticker at the Front Desk or ID Center. Children between the ages of 6-18 are eligible for a new card every two years due to the constant change in appearance during that time. To receive your Gold Card, please stop by the ID Center at Massanutten Station building or the ID Center in the North Lobby.

If you have not received or have misplaced your permanent Gold Card photo ID, the red temporary ID(s) given at check-in are valid for 48 hours only. To continue receiving discounts, you must get a Gold Card photo ID from the ID Center within that 48-hour time frame. You will be unable to enter any of our private Resort facilities and will be ineligible for Gold Card discounts after that time. Find out more.

Persons Visiting Through RCI (including visiting/renting Massanutten Owners) will automatically receive a recreation pass allowing access to our private Resort-owned pools and recreation areas.

Mountainside Owners - Please go to the Mountainside Welcome Center for your photo ID. Photos for IDs are taken Monday through Thursday, 8:30-11:30 a.m. and 1-4 p.m., and Fridays, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Hours may vary by season.

Resort Guests & All Non-Gold Card Owners - If you are not a Gold Card Owner and would like to know more about our resort and how you can qualify for Gold Card discounts, please click here.
If you are planning to ship medical equipment (ex. oxygen, dialysis, etc.) to the resort, you must coordinate shipping with your medical equipment provider. Massanutten Resort® cannot accept equipment deliveries prior to the date of your arrival. You must also make prior arrangements through your provider to pick up the equipment from your unit no later than 10am on the date of your check-out. The resort is not responsible for the safekeeping of the equipment or any damages incurred. Penalty fees may be applied to your account if the equipment is delivered prior to your check-in date or not picked-up by 10am of your check-out date. Please call Massanutten Resort® Security with any questions at 540.289.4054.
We would be happy to welcome your family in your absence (even if you are coming later) as long as we have written, signed authorization to do so prior to their arrival and they are 21 years of age or older. In order to allow a guest to check in to your reservation, you will submit a key release form, which is written authorization allowing your guest to check in. Contact the Reservations at 540.289.4904 option 2 for more information. Click here for more information on the key release policy.
NO. You must let the resort know, in writing, in advance of your friend's arrival. The notification must include your signature. Click here for more information on the key release policy and the forms you are required to complete.
Always contact your reservations department first to be sure that your fees are up to date and that you have all the information you need to bank successfully on the first try.
Annual Fees (Maintenance/Assessment fees) go towards your Association's operating costs, administrative expenses, refurbishment expenses, and real estate taxes. Annual Dues are based on a budget that is prepared in October of each year. The amount you pay is determined by your ownership. Find out more here.
Please refer to your contract/owner information page for the most current amount. You can also contact us at 540.289.4904 option 1. If the upcoming year's fee has not yet been determined, simply pay the amount of last year's fee. If there is an increase we will bill you later for that increase. If an increase does occur and you have already received your reservation - your reservation is not changed, unless you fail to pay the increase amount when it is due.
Your ownership states that you purchased the right to request a week's vacation on a space-available basis. During the first 5 months of the year we have a lot of units go unrequested. Each unit that stands empty represents an owner who called too late. To avoid this situation always call before the end of January each year - the earlier the better in fact!
Owners can pay their fee up to two years in advance and many do just that in order to be the first to request holiday or summer weeks. By the time the maintenance fee bill for next year's usage is sent in mid-November of the current year, the summer space for the next year is already booked. You need to pay the fee and request your summer week by summer of the year before.
If you own at Eagle Trace you own at both locations. Saturday arrival units are on the Hill and Sunday arrival units are in the Valley. If you prefer a condo the Hill, just make your reservation for a Saturday. Keep in mind that the Hill units are the first to book up for each week so remember to call early in order to reserve your preferred location.
The most common type is a fixed timeshare week. Some owners want to vacation at the same time every year. Massanutten provides a calendar each year enumerating the weeks starting with the first calendar week of the year. As an owner with a fixed week, you own your vacation for a specified week; and for those that love consistency in their travels, this is a great fit.

A floating timeshare week is going to have a little more flexibility than a fixed week when it comes to the dates that you can travel. Floating weeks are typically used during a specific season or specific weeks. Depending on the season of your floating week ownership, you may have to plan well in advance to make a reservation for a specific week. While floating weeks can offer more freedom for when you travel, you also need to keep in mind that high-demand seasons book up quickly.
A points program annually gives owners a number of points equal to the level of ownership. The owner in a points program can then use these points to make travel arrangements within RCI. For our points Owners there are options for no fees or nominal fees that bring you back home to Massanutten. Use your Home Week with no exchange fee if you book 12-13 months before the check-in date. Or book your Home Resort for a week other than the one you own 11-12 months before your desired check-in date and pay a nominal exchange rate. Many resort-points programs provide more flexibility from the traditional week-long stays. A points program member may roll-over points to the next year, and/or may borrow points from the future year. The number of points required to stay at the resort in question will vary based on a points value. The points value will allow for factors such as: location, accommodations, attractiveness of the property, season, and reviews.

Your choice of timeshare ownership should depend on you and your plans for usage. Timeshare points allow you to book shorter trips or use it for longer stays and locations, regardless of the season offering the greatest amount of flexibility. Find out more about RCI membership programs here.
If you contact our Reservations office prior to your arrival, they will work with you, based on availability. You may contact reservations by calling at 540.289.4904 (option 2) Monday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm or email reservations@massresort.com anytime. This also applies if you are planning to visit for two or more weeks.
We do our best to allow you to stay in the same unit for two weeks. This is handled on a case-by-case basis. You will need to contact the resort's reservation manager at 540.289.4904 (option 2) or reservations@massresort.com.
Since a timeshare is a vacation property, the value does not increase or decrease. Therefore, the price that you paid for the property is how much the property is worth. Your timeshare becomes more valuable through use and savings over time considering travel costs and securing comparable accommodations at current market rates.
The resort does not offer a resale program. Therefore, in order to sell a property, you would need to do so on your own by contacting a real estate agency, a resale company or putting an advertisement on the Internet or newspaper. We have found that many people have been able to sell their property through word-of-mouth to friends, relatives, business associates or acquaintances. ARDA provides resources and helpful information to protect timeshare owners here.
Gold Card IDs are made at the ID Center at Massanutten Station or the ID Center in the North Lobby. Click here for current hours and location.
Non-Gold Card overnight owners and other overnight guests will receive a recreation pass at check-in to enter recreation areas. Find out more about becoming a Gold Card Owner here.

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